The News Versus Jeremy Corbyn: Part 2

The Never Ending ‘New anti-Semitism’ Campaign

Without doubt the most persistent and the most repeated line of attack taken against Jeremy Corbyn is the claim that Corbyn is a closeted anti-Semite, and/or that Labour is, as Dan Hodges puts it, “utterly infested with anti-Semitism”, a theme that has dominated the news cycle for the last two years and continues unabated.

Panorama Reenacting The Simpsons

The fixation on Labour’s alleged anti-Semitism crisis reached a new low with the airing of BBC’s Panorama special earlier this year, purporting to be an impartial look into the question: “Is Labour anti-Semitic?”. It has since been widely criticised for its dismissal of the most basic journalistic standards, receiving 1,593 complaints.

Repeat a Lie Until it Takes on the Force of Truth

Five time Emmy Award winning American journalist Sheryl Attkisson, formerly of CBS, wrote a book in 2017 called The Smear, documenting in careful detail how the practice of smearing political figures has become a multi-billion dollar industry, with consultants, strategists, think tanks, PR firms, intelligence agencies and lobby groups creating well-funded attack campaigns aimed at character assassination and destroying reputations:



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